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Come and visit us at our family owned and operated 36,000 sq.ft. greenhouse conveniently located less than a mile from the beach in Sunny Encinitas, California.

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Welcome to Cal Pacific Orchids - Your Premier Orchid Destination

Discover the beauty of orchids at Cal Pacific Orchid, where passion for these exquisite flowers meets exceptional quality and unmatched customer service. With our wide selection of orchids and expert care advice, we strive to bring the joy and wonder of orchids into your home.

Exquisite Orchids for Every Occasion

At Cal Pacific Orchids, we curate a stunning collection of orchids that cater to both enthusiasts and beginners alike. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or embarking on your first orchid journey, our diverse range of orchid species and hybrids will captivate your senses. From vibrant Phalaenopsis to fragrant Cattleyas, or rare Paphiopedilums, our orchids are meticulously cared for, ensuring you receive only the finest plants.

Expert Guidance and Care

Our dedicated team of orchid specialists is passionate about helping you succeed in your orchid endeavors. We provide expert guidance and personalized care tips to ensure your orchids thrive and bloom gloriously. Whether you have questions about lighting, watering, fertilizing, or general orchid care we’re here to assist. We believe that with the right knowledge and support, anyone can enjoy the beauty and rewards of growing orchids.

Orchid Events and Workshops

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of orchids by joining our orchid events and workshops. We regularly host educational sessions and hands-on workshops where you can learn advanced techniques, gain insights from experienced growers, and connect with fellow orchid enthusiasts. Expand your knowledge, share your passion, and deepen your appreciation for these remarkable flowers.

A Tradition of Excellence

With over 20 years of experience in the orchid industry, Cal Pacific Orchids has established a tradition of excellence and reliability. We take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering top-quality orchids that exceed expectations. When you choose Cal Pacific Orchids, you can trust that you are receiving orchids of the highest standard, backed by our dedication to your satisfaction.

Embark on Your Orchid Journey Today

Begin your orchid journey with Cal Pacific Orchids and embark on a captivating adventure filled with beauty, grace, and joy. Browse our collection, explore our care resources, and let us be your trusted partner in the world of orchids. Discover the wonders of these extraordinary flowers and experience the timeless elegance they bring to any space. Welcome to Cal Pacific Orchids, your premier orchid destination.


Discover our



Gorgeous multi-plant arrangements often featuring succulents, and exotic woods, showcased in beautiful pottery.


You bring us your Orchid plants, we grade them, repot if necessary, put them in our greenhouse, fertilize them weekly, and call you when they come back into bloom.


Grace your home or business with always in-bloom orchid arrangements with our rental service.


Phalaenopsis to Cymbidiums, we have plenty of in-bloom single plants to choose from!


Bring in your out-of-bloom orchids for professional repotting and care. Orchids should be repotted every 1-2 years to encourage healthy root growth.


Save yourself the time and hassle, and allow us to deliver your plants or arrangements to your home or business.

Meet Kathy

Your Orchid Expert.

“The staff, experience, quality of flowers and variety are wonderful. I needed 20 orchids for a day of event and they made the process so smooth. The flowers are beyond gorgeous as well. Highly recommend!”

Ashley D.

“This place has a great selection of Orchids in all their varieties. Their staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. My patients love the beautiful orchids in my clinic. My family also enjoys them at home. I have been going here for over two years now and I’ve been really happy with their orchids and service.”

Drew B.

“We saw this Orchid farm on our way to San Diego on a trip and decided to stop on the way back to the hotel at the end of our day. It was so worth it. The employees were so sweet with my two boys while my wife and I were looking for a new orchid for my collection. I am so grateful of kind people, especially when they are gracious to my family.”

David W.

4.9 out of 5

Based on Google Reviews!

Over 40 years of service in Encinitas, Ca.

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